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Thread: Please Help, I'm desprite..fecal impaction and extreme anxiety

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    Question Please Help, I'm desprite..fecal impaction and extreme anxiety

    I've been having unusual digestive behavior lately, and I'm really concerned. About two weeks ago I had a busy weekend and only used the bathroom once in a four day period. Afterward instead of having a large bowel movement, like I expected, I started having strained "pencil-like" bowel movements that were about half the amount that I would normally pass in a day. This went on for about 3 days and then I tried an enema, which really didn't work that well, just a very small bm. The next day I drank about 6.5 oz. of magnesium citrate. Throughout the entire day I was having liquid bowel movements about every half hour. Since then I've still been having very strained small "pencil-like" bowel movements. I've also been having a naustious feeling off and on every few days. I have the feeling that I haven't cleared myself and I get abdominal cramps that come and go. Another thing that may have contributed to this is that I've been having an incrediblely large amount of anxiety over this every time I think about it I feel like I'm going to throw up or faint, and I can't tell if the nausea I've been having is due to the very extreme anxiety or if the anxiety is causing my bowel problems all together, I've also have had trouble sleeping and a loss of appitite, which I think might also be from the anxiety I've had over this issue, but I can't tell. I'm worried that I may have a serious fecal impaction. Overall it's been almost 3 wks. since I've had a normal bowel movement. Should I try another enema, perhaps I didn't use it correctly the first time. Please could you give me some suggestions on what might be wrong or what I might do to try and fix this problem, I'm desprite!!

    Also -
    How long would it take for someone to get fecal aspiration and would you have warning signs...?
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    How long would it take for someone to get fecal aspiration and would you have warning signs...?

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    I'm not very familiar with this situation other than what I've read about on Carecure but it sounds like you're impacted and should go see a doctor for an X-ray. Hard stool has blocked your intestines and only the little bit that moves around the impaction is coming through.

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    SCI Nurse says off to the ER if constipation makes you vomit. Doctor Beth (me) says you better go. Anxiety can be a symptom of autonomic dyreflexia.

    I never heard of fecal aspiration except in babies when they're being born. Google says it can happen though, ewwwww.
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