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    Pain Medication

    My discovery of Percaset, Morphine 120g sustained release, and Doxephin HCL 50MG, has given me new life after fifteen years. Doctors told me that my neuropathic pain as everyone elses could only be treated with Neurantin and Gabapantin.

    In the past I looked and moved as though I had gotten the worst sun burn ever. Now I have daily adventures with my new service dog. My problem is no way will my SCI docs ever prescribe to my better life. Any ideas on how I might go about locating or convincing a doctor to help me live likely the last fifteen years of my life?

    My residance is in San Diego, CA. I know the internet has drug sources but I prefer working with a doctor. An internet doctor recamended would also be appreciated.

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    so who Rxed that mix of meds in the first place?couldn't you go back to that particular doc again?i am wondering why you are not on that anymore thats all,as long as it was actually working for you.

    have you tried going to a good pain clinic?this was my salvation,really.they have worked with me very closely using various meds and blocks and other therepies that have made a huge difference in my quality of life.they just take my pain much more seriously than any other doc i have seen.if you have already been to a pain clinic and were not happy with it for whatever reason,find another.not all pain clinics are the same,not by a long shot.each clinic seems to have their own philosophy as to the best ways to treat pain for that particular is definitely worth looking into other clinics.

    i just wanted to mention to you since you stated that you had a good reaction to doxipin? i use the doxipin cream,and it works the best on my central pain symptoms better than just about anything else i have tried.between that and the lido pathces in the worst areas,the combo offers me at least some reduction in my stingy burny type is called Prudoxin should give it a try since the oral appears to work.just a suggestion for you.that and a good pain clinic.i do wish you lots of luck in finding one of the good ones.marcia

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