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Thread: Ideas for business - finding fundings - finding a niche

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    Ideas for business - finding fundings - finding a niche

    I'm not sure this is the correct forum to throw this out on but here goes.
    I'm post SCI over 2 yrs. now. When it came time to re-enter the work force I luckily had a job waiting for me. This was a contract position though and I'm pretty sure that my new physical challenges put me on the short list when they started downsizing a project that had lasted for over two years. Since then, I'ved had to struggle to keep working. Now, I'm earning about 60% of what I was making pre-SCI and having a hard time getting things going again even though it looks like the market for my skill set is pretty health (computer consulting - specialiszing in software testing).
    One old contact set me up to meet with someone I worked for in the past and while the meeting went okay, she seemed taken aback by my appearance and my limping.
    I don't blame anyone for having second thoughts about me. Business is competitive and why should they hire me over someone who is as well qualified as well as physucally "spry".
    I need to be entrepenueral. I'm looking for business ideas and I also wondered if I could leverage my SCI to get some kind of special consideration in obtaining business funding. I'll take what ever advantage I can find. I think I'm looking at a very difficult future if I don't come up with a new approach to making a living!
    The funny thing is - I think I'm a better prospect as an employee or consultant than I was pre-SCI for a whole host of reasons.
    On top of that, I'd love to be able to generate opportunities for other people as well. I think that would be something to be very proud of.

    Any ideas are welcome.
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