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Thread: Neurontin does not work!!!

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    Neuronitn worked ok for me but was not worth the food craving andweight gain. Lyrica the same but also kept me up at night! Topomax side effects were quick and terrible for me, pain actually increased and I also had awful eye wobbles. It is so difficult for find the right med for you and side effects can vary so from person to person. I still am searching for the right meds.

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    I had the same 'nothing' experience with neurontin.over the course of two and a half years,we titrated up to 3600,and up til that time i got no relief whatsoever,but on the flipside,this was the only anti S med i have ever taken that i had no side effects from either,absolutely none.i didn't even feel like I actually taken anything at all.the wierd thing is that every other anti S i have tried since then has really thrown me for a loop.every imagineable side effect seems to come with everything else i try now.

    lyrica had some really great effects on my pain and my RSD swelling,but man,those side effects were something else.nasty nasty.extremely blurred and double vision and my leg coordination was actually worsened my depression as well.didn't realize just how bad til i was finally rid of it out of my system.i had to go off that too.i am now looking for a brand new anti S as having been without any now for the past two weeks or so is not helping my neuro pain at all.hopefully i can find something that i wont have to sacrifice my brain and eyes for.good luck.Marcia

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    Give Lyrica a look/see. Worked like a charm for my pain, but a side effect for me was depression. I don't do depressed so returned to Neurontin.

    While the gabapentin isn't a cure all, it helps me to a degree. Thought I'd simply remove it, but quickly learned it did more than I thought.

    The best to you on finding relief.

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    Unhappy Neurotin 3000mg

    I was on original trial. Very bad news. Stem cell ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayle
    I was on original trial. Very bad news. Stem cell ?
    What sort of problems did you experience? And what dosage were you on?

    Are you looking for stem cell research leading to a treatment for neuro pain? There's a number of lines of pain research going on now, but I'm not up on any that are using stem cells. While stem cells hold a lot of promise, they're not a magic bullet for everything. As far as stem cells for SCI, I believe the research focuses on restoring motor function.

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    My neuropathic pain is getting worse. It is moving from my right foot now to underneath my thighs. What else can I try? Neurontin is NOT WORKING for me whatsoever.

    Why is our insurance companies paying $600 a bottle when it clearly is not working?

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    Hey, SGirl. There are other meds you can try if you've maxed the Neurontin levels and aren't getting relief. Ask your doc about others you can try. Unfortunately it will be trial and error. What helps me may not help you and vice versa as evidenced by Neurontin.

    Also, I've learned what works for me now may not work six months or a year from now.

    Some people get relief from so-called alternative methods. Some use accupuncture, massage, etc. For me, the non-mainstream approach I use with medication is meditation. Again, like meds, it works for some, not for others.

    I have yet to find anything which eliminates pain, but what I'm doing at least alleviates the pain to a degree.

    Hope you find what works for you soon.

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    Neurontin does not work alone - but NORTRIPTYLINE helps!

    I had my injury in July '05 and have have been fighting neuropathic pain for the last 18 months. A friend of mine, that I meant at rehab in Chicago, said they put him on Nortriptyline along with the Neurontin. First my pain mgt doc thought it didn't make sense, so I suffered another month or so, then insisted on trying the Nortriptyline. IT WORKED! I have been 75% pain free ever since. I take 3000MG of Neurontin along with 75MG of Nortriptyline daily. The combination seems to be working! Also, Nortriptline is an old anti-depressent, so that's a double-bonus...

    Good luck!

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    Thank-you La Mem and Duck.

    I think I will try Lyrica maybe that might help. If not than something else. I actually had somone tell me that neuropathic pain is good for me and that I should just let it ride.

    She had TM so I don't know if TM patients have the same kind of pain.
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    S-girl, just curious. Were you taking name-brand Neurontin or the generic. For some folks there's a huge difference. What dose are you taking? Are you taking anything along with it?

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