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    new PT

    I am so excited I had to share. After months of going to therapy in a place where I felt I was instructing my PT I finally left and went to find someone more knowledgeable. I had enough when I had some problems and my PT did no research or offer suggestions. Today I went to a new place and the lady is actually married to a man with SCI. YAY. ( not for his injury of course) She knows what is going on and has experienced things first hand. I did more today than I did in all of these months combined. But MAN I am TIRED. MAybe I will progress on these KAFOs now!
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    Way to go.Happy for you.I'm doing better on my own than any PT.Keep it up.
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    Wonderful to hear Addisue.....
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    Addie, how┬┤s it going with KAFOS? I think we are the same level. What return do you have?

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    That's great!
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    Very good news Addie Sue. Please keep us posted on your progress. I am very curious how well you do with this new PT....John
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