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Thread: ditropan no more?

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    Question ditropan no more?

    i missed my ditropan yesterday and had no leaking, so i skipped it today as well, and still no leaking. is it posible that my bladder has calmed and i may no longer need the med?

    i had a bunch of uti's from the beginning which may have been the source of the spasms, and now i am uti free, so maybe i am good to drop it. i am waiting to wet myself at any time now
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    I would not advise this without talking with your urologist, and perhaps having repeated urodynamics testing. Leaking is not the only reason to take Ditropan. If you have a high pressure bladder (which you cannot tell without urodynamics) Ditropan is used to keep the pressures in a safe range. High pressures can damage your kidneys in the long-run and can increase your UTI rate.


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    i have not been prescribed ditropan for bladder pressures but rather for the leaking. i will be getting my first urodynamics next month. i would like to know if sci related bladder spasms can stop all of a sudden? has this happened to others?
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