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Thread: Anyone Live In The Queens,ny Area?

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    Anyone Live In The Queens,ny Area?

    Does anyone live in Queens, New York or the surrounding area? We would like to have friends that really understand about sci. It's hard to talk with anyone who has no idea what this is all about. My husband is home alone all day while I work and has no one to talk too and it's to hard for him to go out because the walking is so hard, and I really rather he waits for me because I am afraid he may fall down in the street. On the weekends I try to spend as much time with him as possible just so he's not alone so much. This is very depressing for him to be alone so much. I can't leave my job and there is not much family who really takes the time. I'm sure you all understand that.
    Well if anyone lives in the area please let us know. Even in Nassau county Long Island.

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    Does he have access to a wheelchair or a scooter? I have got out this summer and found it made a major difference in my emotional status. If nothing else just down the street and back.....It really does help.

    Aloneness can be very depressing. If you live in the city. Just the ability to wheel down the street to a coffee shop would give him the opportunity to meet some people.

    I have an extremely high fall risk too. I dont have a wheelchair but several years ago I bought one of those pride scooters. I ride that thing everywhere that involves long distances. It has really changed my attitude because I used to feel trapped here in the house.

    Good luck
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    united spinal is based in queens, there must me people there he can talk to.
    if he has good enough control to walk badly, a segway may work out well. they are cheap compared to powered and regular WC , arounnd 3000 i think
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    I grew up in Queens, what do you need?

    United Spinal and Mount Sinai has some programs to help SCI reintegrate into their community, by helping build their confidence and self esteem. Either by engaging in sports or just by shooting the breeze.

    Is he participating in any back to work/school programs such as VESID and if not why not? Does he need or want to take part in peer mentoring? Does he want to join in a SCI organization that might help him deal problems that arise from having an injury such as SCI?

    The best way to help anyone is to get them out of the house because; chances are being at home alone all day, with no one to talk to may be causing more problems than taking a chance outside alone.

    Reply and I will see what can be done.
    Dave H

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    How about getting him on-line here so he can use this community for support and work on getting out on his own with their encouragement?


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    Here is the website for United Spinal-

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    Mt. Sinai

    Thanks for the info. Dave we are going to Mt. Sinai on Tues. I will find out what is available to us in Queens. Also I will look up the web site for United Spinal as Jim put this on his reply.
    To the SCI Nurse -George (my husband is on this site- eagle18) he's the one who introduced me to this site. By the way a very helpful and supportive site I may add.
    As for a wheel chair I will talk to him again he seems alittle upset about getting one. He starting taking Methadone yesterday, but I must say he seems to think it may not be helping he gets spasms and sleeps most of day can't function at all on this med. This is the last med I'm not sure what will be next . Maybe Mt.Sinai will have some answers.
    Oh I put this on my husbands site it really should be on maretedesco I never signed him out.

    Thanks everyone for the good info

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    Sorry I replied on Eagle18 site

    Sorry everyone I went into my husbands' site and replied to my question I didn't sign him out, Hopefully everyone that replied to me will see my reply.

    Thanks Marianne

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