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Thread: Testosterone levels post SCI

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    What is the reason why testosterone levels drop after 25 and why does it drop faster in sci?

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    hello, at my age I am not interested in my sperm count. I am wondering if a low testosterone level can contribute to the feeling of sexual well-being and be a factor in my esteem.
    Thank you for your reply.

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    We found mine hormone levels to be extremely low when I was really overweight. We got them back to somewhat normal and I lost 100 pounds since then. I also feel much better and am much more quickwitted. I would recommend everyone gets their hormone level checked. It can have a lot to do with your weight and bad feelings you're having
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    I have been taking Test E injections 1.5ml every 3 weeks for about 6 months now....i definitely know when it is time to have my shot....and when the shots wife can;t walk in the room without me mauling her. I am a T-12 incomplete 7 years post. It may be coincidence , but the past 3 months when I am peaking and we have sex there is sperm involved for the first time since i got hurt. If i even look at a piece of chocolate or fried foods i get zits and i never had acne before in my life, definitely have to change diet, but considering that a year ago at this time i couldn't keep any muscle tone and felt like i just got hit by a bus...missing transfers,tired all the time, zero sex drive.....I am definitely a fan of hormone replacement. I can not even imagine taking these shots if i was able bodied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc View Post
    Is the urologist the correct specialist to see? Not an endocrinologist? I have extremely low energy levels, easily fatigued, yet have trouble sleeping, and have gained an unhealthy amount of weight since my injury.
    i held my weight at 230 for 5 years after my injury....sounds heavy,but i come from a long line of "big guys" out of no where i couldn't get by without 12 hours sleep and gained about 65 pounds in 6 months....muscle tone in my arms and shoulders all but gone...just felt like crap all the time. one of the guys here asked me what my T level was and i scheduled my own blood test with my doctor a month before i saw him next....he giggled "well after i decided to have your testosterone level checked i see we have a problem here" i schedule my own blood tests once a year, a simple cbc test for someone in a wheelchair is not can't feel 50% of your body how else are you supposed to know something is wrong in there.

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