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Thread: Testosterone levels post SCI

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    Testosterone levels post SCI

    Has anybody here participated in Testosterone replacement due to low levels post-SCI? Results on mood/drive?
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    I never thought about it. I mood five or six times today on my handcycle ride....I moo at ALL the good looking cows. And I drive often, went to the bank today.

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    I never tried becuase it would make me break out like richard simmons on crack rock. I do miss that drive though, never knew they had testosterone replacement.
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    All men have a slow decline in their testosterone levels after about age 25. There are some studies indicating that this drop is faster in men with SCI. This can result in you having too low testosterone levels by middle-age.

    You need to have documented low testosterone levels (blood tests) before you consider testosterone replacement therapy, and then you need levels checked periodically while on therapy. Without this, the risks for liver damage, heart disease and other complications of taking anabolic steroids like this can be quite serious. Once you start therapy, it can be taken either by injections, or (for some) skin patch. Oral therapy is usually not an option.


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    I have not noticed any changes in mood while on the injections, but it may depend on the mood of people I'm around. I had hoped for more energy but I cant say for sure it has helped that either.

    I took a pass on it last month.

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    I've suspected low testosterone levels after my SCI, but have had a hard time getting my doctor to take my complaint seriously. Is testosterone replacement therapy recommended for patients with low testosterone?

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    If it is low enough, replacement can make a significant difference in both libido and strength/energy. You should discuss this with your urologist.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    If it is low enough, replacement can make a significant difference in both libido and strength/energy. You should discuss this with your urologist.
    Is the urologist the correct specialist to see? Not an endocrinologist? I have extremely low energy levels, easily fatigued, yet have trouble sleeping, and have gained an unhealthy amount of weight since my injury.

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    Either would be fine. Unless you already see an endocrinologist for diabetes or a thyroid condition though, it would be easier to get in to see a urologist who would already know you. You should also be evaluated for both thyroid conditions and possible diabetes with the symptoms you have.


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    effects of low testosterone

    So what does low testosterone cause? Can it effect a man's libido? How does it effect sexual thoughts, fantasies, and ability to achieve sexual contentment?

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