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Thread: ? about my hip

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    ? about my hip

    I have noticed recently that I have more pain in my hips. This morning while dressing, I noticed that my left leg stays up at a 45' angle when crossed over my right knee. When I tried to push it down it wouldn't move at all. I don't have this problem with my right leg/hip. Could this be a contracture? I have an appointment with my doctor next week but hoped someone here could help in the meantime. My level is T11/T12. Thanks.

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    Maureen63, It's hard to say what is going on in your hip without further information: can you straighten your hip completely like laying on your stomach? Do you do internal and external rotations stretches as part of your self care routine. I noticed from your profile that you are at least a couple years out from your injury. There is a condition called heterotopic ossification (HO) that often affects the hips of people with SCI; you are a little beyond where it usually occurs but your doctor needs to check you for that as well. I think we need to see what he tells you after he examines you. One blood test that he might consider checking is alkaline phosphatase (alk phos). This would be elevated if you were having HO.

    Sorry I can't be more help.

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    Thanks SCI Nurse

    It's hard to tell if my hip is flat when I'm on my stomach since I normally do that in bed rather than on a hard surface like the floor. I will admit that I am not too vigilant about ROM other than to bend over at the waist stretching toward my toes. I am very flexible and can actually rest my head on my legs when I do that. I also often raise my legs over my head with my legs straight (using my arms of course ). I will also pull my legs out to the side (like sitting with them in a V) but that is the extent of my ROM. I do do all of that everyday though. I don't stand up anymore or walk in my KAFOs since I left formal rehab. Thanks for the info on HO-I remember this from rehab but didn't associate my symptoms with it. Obviously something is going on. I'll just have to wait and see what my SCI doctor thinks. Thanks again-you were a big help!

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