Okey so I woke up this morning to go to work and when I was in the bathroom I managed to squeeze my hand on something.
Allmost toke off 1/2" of flesh and it hurt so bad. I was sitting in my chair right beside the toilet when it happened and started feeling dizzy and sick and then I went dark. I woke up with my head in the toilett of all things and my shoulders on the rim. Must have fallen towards the toilet when I passed out.

Don't know how long I was gone, but I had to lay down after. I was cold sweating all over my body and it was going on for a couple of hours. Had to cancel work and still feeling a bit groggy hours after.

Is this related to SCI, because I have never experienced anything like this before and been hurt worse? I'm T3 incomplete and haven't had any blood pressure issues before. What do you guys thing?