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Thread: Pain meds...

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    Pain meds...

    Hi, I'm new here, and pretty new to the sci. I have a question regarding pain meds. OK, well for the past few months, my new doc, finally I found a half way decent pain management specialist, anyways, he gives me percocet, 10mg... Thats been working pretty well for my pain. I am a T12 complete. I don't really experience alot of neuropathic pain, thank god, but it exists, once in a while. So my question is this. While these meds help, they are also highly addictive. I have all the Issms in my family and I am very afraid to become addicted to them. So, what I wanna know is, what are the other, if any, alternatives that can help people cope with pain? Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative? I am only 23 years old, and I figure I can somehow hold off on taking such strong meds until I am a little older. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, tiff***

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    I've found that acupuncture has helped with the pain. It's got to be done on a regular basis though ....

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    Acupuncture can help some people, unfortunately it doesn't help others. Even for those it does help, the relief is very transitory.

    Talk to your doctor about your concerns over addiction. Keep in mind that there is a difference between being dependent on a drug because your body has a legitimate need for it, such as a diabetic being dependent on insulin, and someone being addicted to a drug. There's also some evidence that if your body has a strong need for pain meds, that there's at least a little better odds of not becoming addicted. This is by no means any kind of guarantee, though.

    Neuropathic pain often doesn't respond well to traditional pain killers, such as opiates. If your's does, that's good news since you know you have that available if you need it. There are other drugs used for neuro pain such as anti-convulsives (such as Neurontin) or anti-depressants (such as Elavil).

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    Thanks, the pain meds don't, you are right, handle neuropathic pain. I didn't realize that for the longest time. I didn't even know the difference until a few days ago. But, as far as muscle pain, I guess it's called, it works. I think I'm gonna see what I can do about that. I read some stuff about lyrica. Sounds scarey. It's just this percocet almost makes me feel like I don't wanna do anything. I feel like I lose my lust and ambition for life, ya know. I guess thats just the way it affects me. As far as acupuncture, the thought of tiny needles being stuck into my body, even if you cant really feel them, really freaks me out. I will definitely ask my doc about the other meds you mentioned. Thanks, tiff***

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    i got off the meds for much the same reasons, "lack of drive" and fear of addiction....the pain beats me down some days, but not every day.....the meds kept me down every day...i'd rather deal with the pain with a clear mind than live in a pain free fog

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    So is that what you do? I don't think I could deal with it on my own. It gets really really bad ya know.

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    michtif , everybody's pain is different,
    some can not go one day with out many different meds.
    best bet is to find a good pain management doc that is familiar with sci pain, i have 3 or 4 pain syndromes, it gets very complicated.
    cauda equina

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    that's what i do........i take 1 med a day, tamazepam at pain is usually pretty intense, i can't imagine someone having a higher level but we are all so different......i deal with mine how it works for me...everybody has to do it on their own terms, just don't stop looking for an alternative even if what you're doing could sop working overnight

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    I only take tylenol ,but your pain might be worse than mine is.I wouldnt stay on any meds that are addicting if you ca help it.

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    there are alot of peopel with pretty seveer pain, the lucky ones can get by with little or no meds, the bad news is can get worse a lot worse.

    tamazepam is a sleep medicvation, its restoril, count your blessings.
    i can walk have cauda equina injury , but the pain sucks, i wake up with it , when i walk i have it , when i sit i have it.
    but it's all relative i can walk pretty good with a AFO and special shoe, except it hurts , when i walk.
    take meds and i feel tired and lack energy, i cant live without the meds due to the pain.. just wish they had a med that didnt make me dopey or slow or fatigued.
    cauda equina

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