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Thread: Just my luck.

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    Keep writing. You never know. Girls have been known to move to be with their beloved(s).
    Hopefully the picture she shared is recent. Many a guy has waited at the airport gate with flowers for the new and gorgeous acquaintance only to have a rhino disembark.

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    Geez Cripply, ya gotta have such a negative twist? Yikes....

    Adam-I was gonna suggest the same thing as the see if she'd visit you...I don't think you should have to pick up the entire cost of her ticket...HOWEVER, it would be a nice gesture to offer to pay for 1/2 since she would be coming to see you & it is a costly way to do so...

    Since you've said you're just in the talking phase, then you don't necesarily need to worry about it just yet...but it is something to keep in mind if things seem to be progressing as you'd like them to....Distance SUCKS especially when ya really like someone...but I've seen many people overcome the disance factor....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripply
    only to have a rhino disembark.
    How could you?
    C5/6 incomplete

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    LMAO!!! Quick on the draw you are ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    How could you?
    You are not a rhino. You are THE rhino.

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    I got recent pics from her and better yet we talk with our webcams.

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    1000 miles is nothing ,when your e mail relationships are happening from the other side of the world that is frustrating.Even within Australia everything is a thousand miles from anywhere else .It's all relative,I'm sure true love will prevail regardless of the distance.

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