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    My jeans are beginning to leave open pressure sore marks on my waist, two , one on each side. I am a c5/c6 quad 5yrs. post, have worn the same size jeans ever since I came home from rehab and never had this problem. They are a size 36W 34L and I do not want to go up to a 38.

    I have been concidering drinking a slim fast shake instead of my normal fast food lunch and then eat a normal dinner with my wife. If I do this will my BP still function properly? Will this diet keep my nutrient levels good?


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    do protien shakes, i do eas myoplex 240 cal per shake, during day at work to keep weight off and helps better yopur workouts. then dinner. these are bodybuilding suplements. it makes u feel great, and gives a good pump during workouts.
    im a c4-5 inc

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    The older you get, the harder it is to keep off the weight (AB or disabled). Can you increase your exercise as well? An arm ergometer, swimming, or other exercise might be helpful. Just be sure to keep up your fiber intake if you are cutting back on your calories, and be sure to drink enough water if you are eating high protein. Cutting out 500 calories daily should lead to a 2 lb. weight loss per week, all things being equal. This is a safe weight loss rate.


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