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Thread: Ten Things Not To Buy Online.

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    Wink Ten Things Not To Buy Online.

    I know there are a lot of us that will not buy anything online but I'm not one of them. I buy lots of things online and have had very few unpleasant experiences. But there are things that should not be purchased online. I'll start off the list with:

    1. Cookies - There are lots of internet companies selling "gourmet" and "homestyle" cookies online. They all have one thing in common, it's a rip-off.

    Here are some typical online cookie prices:

    Gourmet Cookies 2 Dz Gourmet Tray - $32.75
    2 Dz Gourmet Tin - $37.50
    2 Dz Assorted Gourmet Basket - $47.40
    1/2 Dz Sandwich Cookies - $20.85
    2 Dz Gourmets - $33.25
    1 Dz Gourmets - $19.05

    Pan Cookies Half Sheet Pan Cookie - $40.75
    Iced Pan Cookie - $28.35
    Brownie Pan Cookie - $28.35
    Disney Pan Cookie - $33.45
    Classic Pan Cookie - $28.35

    Here's the price of a half dozen sandwich cookies from the same company:

    Half Dozen Sandwich Cookies {BX5}

    Sandwich cookies are double the delight! Two gourmet cookies sandwich creamy white icing to make a complimentary confection.Your Price $20.85
    The Gift is for: MOM Someone Else...

    To be Delivered To: Cemetery

    I would supply shipping and handling charges but this website's software made a mess of my attempt to checkout the order.

    Here's the cost of cookies from the bakery dept of a major supermarket chain; often just as good quality as you'll get online:

    Jumbo Cookies
    Selected varieties including Kid's Favorite or Chocolate Lovers. 12 count
    Add item to list.

    Who has another nomination for things not to buy online?
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    Other than cookies, I'd say don't go for those internet mail-order-brides.

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    Toast Leaning products.
    These are things that simply should NOT be purchased in any way other than up close and personal.
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    Tadpoles, especially if they're being shipped standard UPS. Unfortunate incident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ButtMonkey
    Toast Leaning products.
    These are things that simply should NOT be purchased in any way other than up close and personal.
    That's the bizarrest website I've seen in a while.

    Hmmm, I haven't had any bad experiences with anything I've bought online.
    I suppose the only time I've been a bit disappointed is when I've tried to buy sweets, only to find they've become out of stock, and so replaced with another item.

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    Cookies, sugar freak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old
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