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    A-haaa good to know these things, thanks Scorpion. Well as silly as I feel I'm learning fast thanks to all here, so its all good.

    Spaceboy, cool thanks, sounds well worth it.

    Cheers P

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    Pony, Adobe has a package called Adobe Creative Suite that includes both Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as InDesign, GoLive and Acrobat. Even if you just use PS and Illustrator, it's usually cheaper to go that way than to buy them individually. I had already bought a version of PS, when I found out I needed the others for school and I think the package was about the same as PS by itself. I'm not sure, because I got the student version, so I paid a LOT less for the package than I paid for PS by itself.

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    yeah, I did the same - but that was a while back. I got one of the design collections for < $300 @ a student rate. PS upgrades (i.e. not the whole suite) have been $150/ea since then.

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