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Thread: Photo Shop

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    Photo Shop

    Hi All,

    I've been into computer graphics, design things for many years now... but have never gotten too serious about it enough to buy the big programs. And in any case my arm use is limited for drawing with a mouse, I get tired fast and RSI is a problem.

    Having said that, I have decided to just do it, try it, so bought a trial from the local newsagent for Photo Shop. Seems many use it, graphic artists. Is it an easy to get program, the other one i cant remember its name now i tried and it was so complicated i gave up!

    So if and what are your thoughts on it? Its pretty expensive, so i'd want to be sure it will get

    Another thing, has anyone had sucess with those pen tablets for drawing on the pc..... i'm finding with my weak arms the mouse to be hard and gets my neck all crooked!


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    PhotoShop is a powerful tool capable of wonderous results. For me, it was not very intuitive. I would suggest getting a book or taking a short course to learn the basics.

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    I know a few graphic designers who use it for everything, including web design. .... They all use a mouse, hve you tried a trackball? They're great.

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    You tell'im Patonb, trackball mice are super. No more sore muscles from moving your arm and trying not to fall over.
    For an idea of photoshop w/o spending money, download a windows version of GIMP, it is absolutely free and does about all that photoshop does.

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    Track balls

    Thanks guys,

    Mmm yeah thought so, have looked into my local TAFE [in Australia] to see if i can learn bout photo shop.

    Now..... are track balls a reverse of mouse, ie ball on top? I've just always used a mouse, hard as they r.. lol.. crazy i know... well in my early days of computer use i think i did try a track ball, for some reason it wasnt suitable, but then again that was 14 years ago... Tell me, with the mouse you gotta hold button and move it, what do you hold fer track ball, anything?? I hope they have then in Australia, surely, lol.

    Ciao Pony

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    I have the cheaper and simpler Adobe Photo Elements, which has many more features than I will every use. I took a is NOT an intuitive program (since is was converted from Windows to Mac...not the other way around).


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    Hi Pony

    If you want to learn photoshop for free try They send free tutorials by email.

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    You can also download it from the adobe website and try it for 30 days.
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    I use Photoshop almost daily. There is indeed a steep learning curve, but I've been using PS since v.4 (they're on v.9, a.k.a. CS2 currently). The best thing you can do is get familiar with its environment. If you pursue it, give yourself some simple tasks & limit the tools you use. As time progresses, start working with some other features. I'm considered a power user, but admittedly there are still some things Photoshop does that I don't know about, simply b/c I don't have a need to use every single capability it has. That program has evolved into a monster, but it's worth every penny.

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    I would definitely go with Adobe. like the nurse said, if you're not die-hard get the simpler PS Elements. it would more than likely be more than you need.
    browse a good bookstore, or Amazon, for a good book explaining things at your level(whatever that may be). there are a ton of books out there.
    it's a great program with LOTS to offer.
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