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    What are the leading damage percocets can leave . Ive been taking them for two years, should I start thinking of permanent damage to liver or other weary things. They work very well for pain.
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    It really depends on how much you are using it, and also if you have other health conditions. Percocet contains Tylenol which they are showing can cause elevated liver enzymes after regular short and long term use. If you have a pre-existing liver condition such as hepatitis you may want to look at pain medications that do not contain Tylenol. If you drink alcoholic beverages often, then maybe Tylenol isnt for you. The big ingredient in Percocet is the oxycodone.

    Despite the risks, I personally think it is a much bigger risk to be in pain. One noone wants to suffer, second, it makes you more immobile and third, it can really throw you into depression.

    There are all kinds of studies showing that things such as Lead or mercury in the water is killing us, smog, air pollution is killing us, food preservatives will kill us however despite all of these things our life expectancy isnt going down yet. There is the argument that these factors will take time to catch up to us but I guess we will see, personally I am not going to worry about it

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    Hi Stormycoon,

    The next time you see a doctor ask for a liver function test. He or she will get a number back that will tell you how well your liver is doing. I think I was right at 40 the last time I had mine checked. 40 is in the normal range. I hope, I hope. I think around 70 and you're dead or in need of a liver transplant! But seriously, any good doctor who prescribes drugs like these over a long period of time should have the good sense to check your liver function at least every 6 months.

    I think the acetametaphine (Tylenol) or aspirin that they put in this type of drug is probably more damaging to the liver over the long haul than the hydro or oxycodone is.

    They have hydro/oxycodone that contains no acetametaphine (Tylenol) or aspirin. I believe oxycodone and a brand named Roxicodone is one such drug. So you may want to try an opioid that doesn't contain acetametaphine (Tylenol) or aspirin and see if you get the same pain relief. Or maybe switch on and off to give your liver a break once in a while from all that acetametaphine.

    Supposedly Percocet, the mixture of oxycodone with acetametaphine is more effective in relieving pain. But just how much acetametaphine can the liver take? Or how much can the stomach and liver take if you're prescribed Percodan (oxycodone and aspirin)?

    Good luck.
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    I agree with the above responses. The tylenol is the more harmful ingredient. You can get it without tylenol as was suggested above.

    The recommended daily dose of tylenol is <4Grams, which is equivalent to no more than 2 extra strength tylenol (500mg each) 4x a day.

    Liver function tests should be checked every 6 months if on meds effecting the liver which includes tylenol products and anti-cholesterol meds and others.


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    I took percocet for many years and finally became aware of the tylenol poison within.

    I found that the oxycodone did not work as well by itself, as it did with the tylenol in it.

    However, for me, a TINY bit of tylenol did the same thing as a full 325 dose of it. If you take the 3.25/325's now, the Dr can up the opiate in the pill.
    You can have a 7/325, which would give you the same opiate, but half the tylenol.

    I presently use a 30mg oxycodone and only mix a 1/4 of a regular tylenol with it. It gives me pretty decent pain control, and a lot less tylenol.
    Getting rid of as much tylenol as possible is a great idea!!

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