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Thread: Rochester Wide Band Condom Catheter

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    Rochester Wide Band Condom Catheter

    A friend gave me a few to try and I quickly learned that these things are Fantastic! I wear them at work because I have a bladder with a mind of its own and I don't want to wet my pants in the middle of the day.

    The thing that makes them so great is the adhesive, that stuff is strong!

    My problem is that the adhesive tears my " purple helmet" apart!!! I have the large's but I can't get the 'helmet' past the adhesive. Is there anything that you guys put on your dude to stop the flesh from coming off with the catheter?

    (There are times its good to have NO feeling!!! LOL


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    I also have the same problem, and the strong adhesive is painful as hell! I also used the Large but it wasn't big enough to get past the head of the penis without getting the adheasive all over. Try the XL, it works alot better but be careful of rippping ur penis off.
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    Thanks coffee, I thought about going to the XL, but I didn't think there would be much difference. I switched to an Mentor brand XL in the past but the diff. is minimal.


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    The Wide Band catheters are designed to have adhesive that sticks to the head of your penis. This is one of the reasons they work much better for me than other catheters. If you go with a larger size so that there is no adhesive on your "helmet" then you'll risk the catheter failing as well as the head of your penis rubbing inside the catheter and becoming irtitated and raw. When you remove the catheter, be sure to "roll" it off from the bottom up, peeling it back from the skin. If you try pulling it off from the top, you're going to be fighting the design and the strong adhesive, and it's going to hurt more (for those with sensation).

    I think there is something you can use to aid in the removal, like a swab with alcohol or something, but I never use anything like that.

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    Yeah I tried a few different brands and I kept having random detachment accidents, which sucked. I'm now using the Rochester wide bands and am quite happy with them. At first I had some issues with skin irritation, but I think Jimmy toughened up and I learned to use a little more finesse. They do make skin sheild protective barrier wipes which may help.
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    Try using some Skin Prep.

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    I recommend the 3M No-Sting Barrier Film (spray or wipes) be used all the time on the skin under your external condom catheter. Not only does it protect your skin from maceration (damage from moisture) but it also helps to prevent "stripping" of the skin when tape is removed, and so also helps with this with self-adhesive condom catheters.


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    Before I put one on I use a Coloplast skin prep wipe (blue packaging) and let it dry completely. This protects the skin and improves adhesion.

    Before taking it off I wrap it in a warm washcloth for a few minutes to soften the glue. Then I use 1 or 2 (more if needed) Hollister remove wipes (product ID #7760) to wipe the inside edges of the condom to dissolve the glue as it is gently peeled off.

    Make sure to wash off all of the remove and old glue and let it totally dry before putting on a new condom.

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    Rochester wide Band Caths.

    Has anyone tried wearing these for 2 days.

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    Not recommended. Several studies indicate that the rate of UTI doubles when you go longer than 24 hours between exteran condom catheter changes. In addition, you may have problems with your skin (how are you really inspecting it every 24 hours if you don't change your external??), and increased problems with odor.


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