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Thread: Joystick instead of mouse?

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    Joystick instead of mouse?

    A person with MS I know needs a joystick to run a computer. No problems with Nintendo and such. Is there such a thing? Her hands just don't do mice and VR is not an option for her. Sites, stores, sources all welcome.
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    Hello Sue!

    I remember using a joystick instead of a mouse when I was using Windows 3.0 (may have been 3.1), but that was many moons ago. Take a look at SOFTPEDIA and you may want to wait for some of our members to chime in on this one.

    Good luck, Paul

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    There are several software packages that can convert a standard joystick and make it usable as a mouse. Do a Google search on "joystick mouse." My husband uses a sip-n-puff joystick with his mouth for the computer. Sounds like your friend would be able to use the joystick with her hands. It seems like a pretty simple conversion.


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    You might want to check out resources on this site:

    Adaptive Computer Resources

    We have quite a few clients who use the Headmaster which is one of many products you can find here:

    The Jouse is also pretty popular:


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    here is what you are after for 50 bucks. SOFTWARE to use any joystick as a mouse in windows, lots of macros/options to save time also.

    you can download the demo free there also
    this is a FREE version at TUCOWS download it and see what you think only 500k download
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    use the Expert Mouse Pro made by Kensington. You can
    use it with no finger movement.

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