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Thread: Loose Stool

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    Loose Stool

    I'm a c3-c4 incomplete quad 6 years out.

    About 3 years ago my bowel mgt program fell apart due to loose stool and inability to control my bowels. I wear a diaper 24/7, and I'm pretty much ok while sitting, but, when laying down, I have no control. I try to void before going to bed and can successfully do so with the aid of an enema. Digital stimulation and suppositories do nothing. The enema gets rid of the stool in my rectal area, but by morning I'm back to making a mess.

    No c-diff or bacteria in the water.

    I've seen a couple of docs, but they've been unable to help. One theorized it might be my Baclifen pump - 1100 micrograms per day.

    Imodium will bind me up (i.e., nothing happens), but as soon as I stop taking it, I'm back to loose stool.

    Any ideas on how to firm up my stool?

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    Is your diet a factor? What do you eat?
    - Richard

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    It sounds like this has been a challenge to you for a while now. That must be frustrating.

    A few suggestions (which you may have considered already):

    Keep your bowel care to a schedule (such as 3xweekly)

    Add fiber to your diet and/or through products such as Fibercon or metamucil-remembering these products require adequate flid intake.

    If you continue to have stool throughout the day andafter your enema-perhaps you are not adequately evacuating everything. You could consider adding an oral product such as a bisacodyl tablet the evening before your enema.

    Has other causes for diarrhea been considered such as IBS,etc?

    If continues, I would seee a gastroenterologist.

    Review this site on Neurogenic Bowel if you haven't already:
    and this post:


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