Seeing many threads on lack of privacy since joining this board, I am curious how this sounds to some of you:

After going to see several living centers, supposedly designed by gimps/for/gimps, I find a common issue with them.

Wonderful spaces, great counters/stove-tops and bathrooms along with auto doors seem great.

However, my problem has been if I needed a PCA, I did not want them to be "in" my personal space. I know this might might sound silly, considering what they often have to do, but I mean my surroundings are wide open to any PCA coming in.
If you have a steady PCA, this would be less of an issue, but what about the new ones? I am willing to bet that we have all had the experience of a PCA from hell that we did not trust in our home.
(Things that PCA's have said that made me cringe: "wow, that is a nice stereo" "my, you have a lot of albums here" "do you know there is a gun on your end table?" "I think someone has moved around your living room, there are DVD's on the couch and chair" "who else lives here with you, you seem to be vulnerable" "I just got out of rehab 2 weeks ago, I cannot be around your pain medicine. I might not be able to control myself" "Hey, is that your daughter? I knew her from school" "do you know there are a bunch of coins on your table? They might be stolen if you leave them there" )

My thought, if I were to design a home/apartment, is a special entrance for in-house help.

Off the bedroom, an entrance one could easily grant or deny entry to a caregiver by the occupants choice. Off the bedroom, there would be the shower/bathroom including a closet for any medical supplies/medications/equipment.
A new, or part time, PCA would be able to meet your needs without entering the rest of your domain.
The trusted, senior aides, or your family/roomies/spouses would deal with anything needed in the rest of the house.

I know that for someone in tiny senior housing, this would be impossible, but in many of the living centers I have seen, this would have been possible if they had been designed a little differently, using the same amount of space.

I am curious what you all think...

If you could, would you keep most of your aides/nurses out of your main living area?