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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark
    Good herbage perhaps?

    I can't smoke the stuff anymore. Perhaps a small hit if I'm drunk but never when I'm sober. Maybe I'm getting too old or the KGB reefer is getting a lot more potent. It gets me too high and sometimes I just have to sit in one spot (usually at my computer desk) almost frozen until it wears off. Then I very carefully get into bed and celebrate that I didn't fall... but it ain't always very easy to do as my coordination goes to hell!

    Some people can smoke the hell outta the stuff and some people can't.
    lol, you sound like me bob. i get so damn paranoid, i lock all the doors, be peepin out the windows, hope nobody comes over cause i think they're gonna know i'm high or smell it.

    that stuff does me worse than crack.

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    :::IMMEDIATELY:::.....send me a sample of the offending herb....i will test it and get back to you.......maybe.........if i remember......what?.....dude, close the blinds.....i think someones at the door.....hey, how'd you know what i was thinking?'s like people can read you're thoughts here..........

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    Lmao dildo, i was thinkin the same thing. But really........send me a sample of the herb so i can test it. Might just be a lightweight-heavyweight thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    Lmao dildo, i was thinkin the same thing. But really........send me a sample of the herb so i can test it. Might just be a lightweight-heavyweight thing.
    Same, but send all you can get ahold of so I can thoroughly test it.
    Way, way back when I was a teen and trying weed for the second time, I had an experience like the one you describe. Between then and now I had many paranoid reactions but, as they always wore off and left a nice ride, I came to view them as the scary part of a rollercoaster, just part of the trip. Now I just don't get paranoid much but it's not the strength of the bud but rather its inherent qualities. Have you seen "American Beauty"? Well, it says it all.
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    One of my friends became bozo the clown complete with red nose. The trees in the woods started laying down on the ground and raising back up. A minature version of AC/DC was playing "razors edge" on the hood of the truck and that is all before I was shaking like crazy but come to find out I was just cold and couldnt tell I was cold.

    Never again have I ever tried anything that a friend suggested. That has been 17 years ago and never will I again.

    People are stupid to trust other people who give you stuff. I just took a couple of puffs with everybody else. I wasnt on any meds or anything at the time. I dont know what was in that joint but it was bad stuff

    That experience scared the life out of me and is now why I am hesitant about trying new meds.
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    This dialogue is good example of showing how difficult and harmful it is when mixing medications and substances you are unsure of.
    Not a good thing, especially with the possibiity of AD.


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