Stem cell research needs to continue unhindered
Charlten Chatter

By Alisen Charlten
Wednesday August 16, 2006

Jasper Booster — Imagine there was a possible cure for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, paralysis and a variety of other diseases that severely hinder or claim the lives of people across the globe everyday.
Now imagine that what’s holding back the process of discovering this cure is the idea that the tiny collection of cells that is a newly formed human embryo has more value than a living breathing human being.
It’s enough to make a person question his/her faith in humanity.
The debate over stem cell research has surfaced for yet another round with the recent veto by U.S. President George W. Bush against increasing federal funding.
The argument for those against this type of science is that harvesting stem cells from human embryos ends potential lives. Those who are pro-life have even gone as far as to adopt these unused or extra embryos so that they don’t suffer such a fate.
I’m appalled that any human being would put the value of another person’s life below maintaining their precious principals.
The crusade to save a few cells, that in my opinion don’t even come close to resembling a human being, to the detriment of other living breathing human beings is ridiculous and selfish at best.
We won’t live in a truly free society until people stop pushing their religious ideals on others through political policy or meddling in scientific advancements that could save lives.
As reported in last week’s story about ex-Jasperite Jason McCue, there have been recent advancements in stem cell research overseas that may allow a quadriplegic to regain some of his body functions and one day even walk again.
If that’s the beginning, just imagine where this science could take us.
According to numerous articles on the web, there are pro-life politicians in the U.S. that still support stem cell research because the embryos are cultivated in a lab instead of being fertilized the good old fashioned way.
Hopefully the rest of the religious right can get off their high horses and realize that this type of science will be preserving life not destroying it. Opposing stem cell research is not pro-life, it’s anti-life.
If we are honest with ourselves and use our common sense, I think most people can deduce that a tiny collection of cells that is about the size of the dot of the letter ‘i’ is not a human being.
Scientifically speaking, a newly formed embryo is a long way from being a person in that it only has the POTENTIAL to become a life but is not one yet.
As someone whose family has a history of Alzheimer’s in their genes, I will hope that common sense and compassion for the living will prevail above religious dogma.