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Thread: Good down/up load speed test

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    Good down/up load speed test

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    Mine did: I guess that's ok. Most people with my ISP get about 4770 kb/s. Oh well at least I'm in the ballpark.
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    My Download and Latency are good but my Upload speed seems awfully slow in comparison. Comcast is my ISP.

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    wow, we's slow down here, lol. the fastest alltel offers in my area right now is 3 Mbps.

    runnin the test i'm gettin 2565 kbps up. 316kbps down. on comparison i get better than most on the same plan though. guess i'm close to the server/tower/office or whatever it's called.

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    Thats a GREAT GUI site.. Speeds are all based on distance, traffic, programs your running. For me I hit 2880 d/l, 380 up. But my service i 5000 d/l 400 up. When i did the UK site i hit 800 d/l 350 up.

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    Ohh, you cable people think youre all slick, eh? Good thing my DSL is dirt cheap otherwise I'd probably do cable also.

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    Suddenlink/Cox Cable

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    Now only if my upload was the same as my download.

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