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Thread: Back Noises

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    Back Noises

    Often throughout the day if I turn to my left, or reach or pull/exercise with my left arm when I sit back straight up and facing forward my lower back will "thump" and it feels sort of like my vertebrae are popping back into place. When I do the wheelchair push-up I also often have the sensation that my lower back is cracking like a chiropractor would do. When either of these happens I sometimes feel the flushed or tingling sensation that I get when something painful is occurring below my sensation level (like having my hamstrings stretched, leg hair pulled of our being pinched). I am C6 complete so I shouldn't have any sensation there and haven't in the past but lately it almost feels like my lower back is a bit painful. It could just be phantom pain or neuropathic pain though.

    Should I be worried about this? Could such a thing be a sign of some type of degeneration of my vertebrae due to osteoporosis (or something else)? If this is something to investigate further who should I go to? My family doctor doesn't know a lot about spinal cord injuries and I don't see my physiatrist anymore because they are so busy. I could probably have physiotherapist take a look but is this probably something that I would need to get an x-ray or other test done for to take a better look?

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    I would get it checked out. If the noise is duplicatable, the doc might be able to feel/see what is happening but will probably want an mri or xray of the area. The simple fact that it causes the flushed/tingling sensation is what makes it a 'check me out'. Better a few bucks lost than a potential problem.
    Best wishes for you, hope it is something simple.

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    sCI patients are at a greater risk for osteoporosis so it is wise to get it checked out. I would agree taht you will probly require some imaging so you should see a doctcor. My first choice would be the physiatrist or someone skilled in SCI.


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