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Thread: How shall I Google thee?

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    How shall I Google thee?

    Apparently in more limited ways, according to AHN.

    Google Takes Legal Steps Against Using Its Name As A Verb

    August 15, 2006 2:49 p.m. EST

    Julie Farby - All Headline News Staff Writer

    (AHN)-Search engine giant Google has sent off a series of legal letters to media organizations, warning them against using its name as a verb.

    The California-based company is becoming concerned about trademark violation, with a spokesman confirming that it had sent the letters, saying, "We think it's important to make the distinction between using the word Google to describe using Google to search the internet, and using the word Google to describe searching the internet. It has some serious trademark issues."

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    You'd think they'd like the publicity of everyone saying Google™ when they refer to searches.

    Its like saying Skidoo™ing instead of Snowmobling, or Kleenex™

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    I thought that the free publicity and advertisement would be much appreciated. Hmm, weird.
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    This may be a ploy to get more advertising

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    Back in the day, Xerox did not make a big deal about using the word "photocopy" instead of Xerox.

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    I was fortunate to have dinner and spend a week at a conference ( back in March with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Paige among others and found them, in particular, very reactive to anything that was an intrusion, perceived or otherwise, on what they considered intellectual property or any potential bastardization of the Google principles and name. This sounds like a long range attempt at protection of their organization and more importantly the integrity of their creation.

    Sensitive bunch to be sure but they have the money and time to defend whatever threat, real or imagined, to their goals.

    And although I understand the above positions as well can you imagine if you were the one let's say who invented the word facsimile (fax). There's a difference between the noun and the recognized verb to "fax" something. As the inventor of the word wouldn't you like to be compensated or protected through trademark or copyright laws every time someone used the word fax?

    The music industry, in particular, is having a helluva time trying to police and protect artist content so that a singer / songwriter is appropriately renumerated (paid).

    The internet is a unique tool that many are still trying to manage, control, balance and apply recognizable and current laws. Interesting stuff imo.

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    I suspect this is not a remuneration concern, everything to do with the future business directions for Google.

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    But ME, business is renumeration in one form or another 'tis it not?

    Ultimately, this is of course about the G of C (God of Capitalism)? Time, attorneys, filings, money spent is about $$ now and $$ in the future.

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    I know in the past brands like Kleenex and Bandaids have worried about losing their brand name. Aspirin used to be a brand until it was overused as a noun. I think that was the Xerox thing too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell
    But ME, business is renumeration in one form or another 'tis it not?

    Ultimately, this is of course about the G of C (God of Capitalism)? Time, attorneys, filings, money spent is about $$ now and $$ in the future.
    It is remuneration, obviously, but not for John Q. Public's use of the word, "Google." As a business entity, the Google powers that be are attempting to ensure the biz is not pegged as strictly search engine.

    Touche' on your G of C.

    The G of C is much kinder, gentler than the G of Q (God of Quads), imo.

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