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Thread: Crackdown on disabled parking abusers [ NSW , Australia]

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    Crackdown on disabled parking abusers [ NSW , Australia]

    This sounds good , but I'm a bit cynical about how well it will be enforced if it becomes law .

    Crackdown on disabled parking abusers
    August 16, 2006 01:42pm
    PEOPLE who misuse disabled parking stickers face heavier fines and could lose points on their driver's licence, the New South Wales Government says.

    Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal today announced an increase in fines for abusers of the Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) from $384 to $461.

    He said the Government would also look at introducing demerit point penalties if the MPS abuse continued.

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    I hope it works and spreads all over the world. Taking their $$$ and demerit points hit them where it hurts. I say instead of raising our taxes,
    beef up in this area...I personally think it would be a constant money-maker.

    I'm happy to report that while I was killing time at the mall yesterday, I gotta' gentleman fined for parking in the 1st HC near Target...

    Just "warms the cockles of my heart" and made my day!

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    sounds like a great start.. it should go over good, i mean, it should be a ''no brainer'', an excellent way to generate more money and help out the disabled community.

    i pulled into Wal-Mart the other day and actually witnessed a cop issuing a citation to a nice, shiny, black Mercedes that had no placard or HC tag..
    i had to go around the other aisle to an open spot and that was luck in itself.. i wanted to ask her some questions, but by the time i got out, she pulled away..

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    The fines are prtty stiff here in CA but no points on the license, I like that idea.
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    Here is the last part of that article . It is interesting that the Roads Minister has the names of some doctors he believes are incorrectly issuing placards , and that he is contacting them .

    Mr Roozendaal said the MPS stickers, allowing people to park in disabled bays, would also be confiscated from people found to be misusing them.

    He said the penalties applied to those who parked in disabled spots without displaying the MPS sticker on their vehicle, and for those using friends' or relatives' stickers to get free parking.

    "I've had numerous reports of young, fit men leaping out of expensive late-model vehicles and placing a Mobile Parking Scheme sticker on their car, and then disappearing for a day in town," Mr Roozendaal said.

    Mr Roozendaal said he was writing letters to at least 11 doctors whom he believed had incorrectly issued MPS stickers
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    They need to do that in the US. They could put an end to the deficit with the money they would raise by fining people. I would like to see the doctors who give people with ankle sprains H/C tags face some hefty fines.

    Maybe with the funds raised, they could start some sort of trust fund for H/C people to help pay for meds/equipment etc.

    Points on the license is a good idea too. People would think twice about parking there if they started having to pay higher Insurance premiums for their laziness.
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    YEA!!!!!!! we def. need that here.

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    It would be great.Don't see happening here Louisiana.I'll just have to keep scratching them when my chair goes out of control.
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