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Thread: How long post injury did people start w braces?

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    How long post injury did people start w braces?

    For some reason no doctor or PT has ever suggested them to me. Today I DEMANDED pool therapy and an orthotic evaluation.
    One hip flexor works 3/5, the other barely works.

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    About 5 months post they put me in braces and got me standing in a walker. My legs did virutally nothing though, it was all upper body. The PT people didn't realize this until they told me to stand still and not hold onto the walker. But at least it got me a KAFO to wear and an afo on the other side.

    As time progressed i ditched the afo and kafo, then replaced the kafo with an afo, but now i'm back to an unlocked kafo! wee!

    i'm glad u demanded pool therapy, it helps so much! I only have 1 hip flexor that works, the other does nothing and i walk full time so getting you in braces would be a great idea i think!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cripply
    For some reason no doctor or PT has ever suggested them to me. Today I DEMANDED pool therapy and an orthotic evaluation.
    One hip flexor works 3/5, the other barely works.
    Good for you, Cripply! I can't believe they didn't suggest it before....I was fitted with braces within a month of injury. Do you think you'll start with RGOs or KAFOs?

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    Cripply, do not let them over brace you. Additionally, make sure the brace has some adjustability to allow for progression. I believe you should anticipate some form of lower extremity recovery and so should your braces.

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    Thanks guys. I donĀ“t know what I will be fitted with. The doctor says my excessive spasticity at the hip (especially R) will interfere with my trying to ambulate. I agree, but I refuse a baclofen pump.

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    Chris has an appt w/his dr in about 3 weeks and that is one of the things I thought he should ask about. He can walk a little w/a walker right now. He tries to do a couple laps around the kitchen table every day. His left leg is much weaker and his foot starts dragging pretty quickly unless it's bandaged to hold it up. I don't even know what a RGO is. What questions should he be asking the dr? He is on medicaide and doesn't have a PT helping him w/anything right now...only when he was in rehab.

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    He needs to be assessed by a PT and orthotist that understand recovering from a SCI. The Doc will most likely only write the script based on recommendations from the assessment. Send a message to the ortho guy; he can explain bracing options and possible insurance coverage. It is very important to have a brace that provides stability, allows for mobility, and has room for progression.

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    I was fitted with KAFOs six months after injury. Would have been sooner but I had to find a PT that was willing to share my goals and want to work with me in them.

    Currently I use them daily to walk around the house with crutches/walker and to "hop" upstairs each night to bed. Which definately beats having people carry you up in your chair. That is so scary.

    You'll like being upright again.
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    I tried fore-arm crutches about 5 months after my injury. Boy, was i shaky, but I improved a lot since then. Sorry your docs are clueless, cripply, but i'm glad to hear that you're being actively involved in your recovery.

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    Cripply who are the doctors treating you ? Spaulding or other ?

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