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Thread: Does it really get better?

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    Keep being you. Keep doing the things you love to do, to the best or your ability. Modify, adapt, do not accept no for an answer, get out their and live.

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    Thumbs up I can only speak for myself who has lived 29 years as

    a SCI. It's up to you and only you. There's up's and down's but that is life for everyone. I've known AB's who were a lot worse off than I! You can have a very happy and fulfilling life. In my case, I didn 't fall into "why me" syndrome, drug/alcohol abuse or stay at home and "wait for a cure." Go out and experience life.

    I consider being an SCI part of my journey in this life. Good or bad things happen for a reason. Good Luck Bud
    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    Seriously...................I want to say that's crazy, but after seeing everybody talking on this site it seems like there is some hope. Any advice on how to lighten the load for my family and I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    it means alot that there are people to talk too.
    hang around, keep posting, ask questions. these ppl feel like family to me, lol. anytime i need to know something, they're here for me.

    an things get better as you adjust an become more comfortable doin things a lil different than ya did when you were able-bodied. that son of yours should make ya wanna keep goin strong. mine was 8 or 9 when i got hurt an i told myself i had to make it an let him know that daddy was gonna be here for the long haul, haha.

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    looks like in your pics you've had a lotta "tubes"- i been there too. just keep going, don't let anyone tell you "no, you'll never be able to do this or that". we can overcome our greatest fears and challenges. and, I see it looks like your belief is allready on your side. so, your allready one step ahead of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    don't let anyone tell you "no, you'll never be able to do this or that".

    it actually pisses me off when somebody tries to tell me i can't do something. then i make it a point to show them that i can do it.

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    You were given excellent advice.

    Most def see and talk to Betheny when she returns from her trip to spend a little time with friends in the desert. She has a great head on her shoulders and a heart to match.

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    It'll never be the same but you'll pull through the darkest days and get on with life. People on this site helped me a lot....keep asking questions
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    I definitly think it gets easier... attitude and a will to be happy have so much to do with it as well!!
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    Sorry to hear of your accident but I'm glad you found Carecure. Its great for info plus Dr Wise Young, all its members and a team of nurses are on hand for any queries you might have. Take things a day at a time. My advice to you is to stay as busy as you can and do everything you can day to day. Its important to stay fit both mentally and physically. As for preparing for the future, if you can, try and stand as much as possible, daily preferably. This will give you a good stretch, bear weight through your bones and is good for circulation and the like. FES is also great for minimising muscle atrophy and daily ranging of your joints will help to keep you supple. This won't only lift your spirits but, despite what you may have heard, the spinal cord has been regenerated in labs and scientists worldwide are replicating this via varying methods, so you need to stay in shape. The cure is coming, and although its a waiting game, we all need to live to the fullest until that day arrives. Only after that day are you allowed to get lazy Jen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherrylips
    Only after that day are you allowed to get lazy Jen
    You can...........if that day comes I've got so much I want to do that someone will have to tie me down to make me sleep
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    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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