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Thread: El Paso Declared Federal Disaster Area

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    El Paso Declared Federal Disaster Area

    EL PASO -- Congressman Silvestre Reyes has announced that President Bush has declared El Paso a federal disaster area, due to this month's heavy rain and flooding.

    During a joint press conference held by Reyes, Mayor John Cook and other officials, a three tier progam was identified to aid the city, county and victims of our recent floods.

    FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will reimburse individuals, non-profit organizations and government entities up to 75-percent of all costs incurred in this recovery period.
    Finally and hopefully El Paso will be getting some help.

    For the past two weeks we have had a reprieve of rain that has caused so much havoc here. It is truly sad to turn on the news again tonite and see how we can't seem to have true rest. So many people have been affected by the flooding since we began this monsoonal season. The past two weeks have been filled with the feeling of dread shared by many residents here. It seems most of the daily weather reports have been warning us of flash flood watches in our area.

    Our city has grown a lot and there are so many little outlying towns which have been affected by this rains flooding. My own family has been affected. My nephew was evacuated from his home. My brother's home is in need of repairs too. The water in a dam north of their home overflowed and went into their homes. The water has left so many areas with water ponding and now we are dealing with mosquitoes which have been found to have the West Nile Virus. In my area there was a man who was bitten by one. There is also another area where water has formed a lake which has now been found to contain E-Coli. It is in a park where children go to play. Citizens have been warned to stay away from the water.

    There are so many homes that have become unliveable just about everyplace here. Cars stuck in mud up to their windshields. Homes that have mud inside too. Some people have no way of removing water ponding in their yards because of lack of money. The city claims that it has to be paid by the owners since it is in their property. New homes that were for sale now have been damaged so badly that the price for them has been reduced to below their value.

    There was talk that we would not have enough money for these people to repair their homes. The good thing is how great many people have responded to this need. Radio stations, fire department, churches, and so many people have volunteered to help. With all kinds of donations and time. It has not been enough though. El Paso is not the only one affected here. Juarez residents have also been touched by this storm too. I watch the news in Spanish and see how heartbreaking it has become for these people too. They have so many needs and to see their cardboard homes destroyed with this water is really sad.

    I guess you have to live here to see the way it is in order for you to understand how bad I feel seeing all this going on. So far, I personally have not been affected by it in any losses but I surely hope this rain lets us get a break. It seems the world has been turned upside down for so many residents here and there seems to be no end in sight.

    If anyone is interested in helping any of these people, the Red Cross, Salvation Army and El Paso radio stations are the best places to find how to help them.

    I am sure it will all be appreciated by them.

    Also, some prayers are needed for them too.


    Note: Another link to the current news here:

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    Sorry to hear about such a catastrophy in El Paso. I havent been watching the news so I had no idea there was flooding taking place. I hope your family is all safe and your brother gets the repairs done to his house. I will also remember El Paso residents in my prayers.....
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    Wow Raven
    Sorry to hear of this. I remember what it was like during Monsoon season just alone what dangers a lil rain caused making roads slippery like ice when I lived there. Those pictures are aweful. I hope you guys are ok. Do you live in the east side? Is Ft Bliss providing relief for ppl? Juarez by the Rio Grande by I-10 must be aweful even places like Clint, etc.

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    Thanks for the prayers DD. We really need them here.

    Liz, do you remember ever seeing anything this awful when you lived here? I don't. Today we got a report about how they are keeping a watch on the Rio Grande River. It is so full and there are some areas that are already overflowing into the surrounding close areas. We are still under Flash Flood Watch today and they are saying that the chances are for up till Friday.

    We have had several downpours in the Northeast area where I live. I don't know if when you lived here you might have heard of the little town north of me. Chapparal is it's name. They have built a nice little golf course on the way there and it is now a lake too. It's on McCombs Rd. There are so many places in NE that are now being affected. The ditch on Diana is running full too. Sunrise Shopping Center has a lake now too. All of this is from the rain. All of this is getting too close to us now that it is getting scarier.

    An old lady had to be taken out of her car that ended in a sink hole in the last downpour on the west side of the mountain. Some young man helped
    her out.

    Las Cruces had a surprise downpour today in the afternoon. It flooded their town immediately. Didn't give them much of a chance to do anything. The water was shown on the news and it covered their legs. They have really been hit hard with us at the same time.

    Today, I found out that my nieces are also having problems with water in their apartment in the NE area too. They have to take out the carpet now since it is starting to smell. Mold is setting everywhere water has touched.

    The water is also getting up higher on the area where my brother, nephew and x are living too. Nobody has had a chance to really get back to normal yet. I called them all to check and see if they need to leave and we can take them in while it is a bit better in my home. I am just hoping we don't meet the same problem in my house too since my insurance has expired too.

    BTW, were you traveling towards Albuquerque when your accident happened? Mine happened on Doniphan Rd on the West side of town. Bad memories there. What is the date of your anniversary? Hope it passes without you feeling bad on that day. Mine, incredibly, was not that great this time. But oh well, it's over now.

    Hope this rain lets us get a break. I used to think that we had beautiful weather but now I wonder.

    Just venting my frustrations here ... apologies to all.

    Keep us all in your mind.


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