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Thread: foot braces, summer heat, foot drop, tendon damage

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    foot braces, summer heat, foot drop, tendon damage

    i'm a complete c-6 quad, is it true that if you don't wear your foot braces and your feet drop, you'll do irrepairable damage to the tendons in your feet. so much so it it affects your p/t? i've banged my feet and legs around quite a bit lately and am getting an x-ray, but i'm still afraid not wearing my foot braces(i wore my bunny boots propped up in the winter, which made it impossible to roll onto my sides) has somehow ruined my my tendons and made it impossible to gain my sitting balance.
    i've also had an enormous amount of swelling i my feet and legs and they're always ICE COLD.
    my wheelchair has no foot guards either, so bumping around for an hour and 1 1/2 each way, makes my ankles lay down flat and is VERY PAINFUL.
    i do believe i've really hurt my left leg, it aches all day. i really smashed it bad getting on the acess van on thurs when i fell out of my chair.yes, i was wearing my seat belt, i fell forward my hand got caught on the accellator i saw my leg and foot b eing smashed i let go and my head hit the same metal my foot was against.
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