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    L et me start by saying i dont usually sweat that much even when outside at work or working out,never sweated much pre-sci,but sometimes when i lay down to take a nap i wake up soaked in sweat no just a little either it soakes my pillows and comforter,its like somebody cames into my room and dumpes a bucket of water on me,gets really frustrating having to change my bed so often,i should say its not a new thing,its been happening for 17 years,when i was at shepperd spinal center,the only explanation i got was that my thermostat was broke,,,,lol,,,,Im pretty healthy and have a good output when i do ic's,I have no clue where all the sweat is coming from,i dont lay in one position for a long time,and i empty my bladder before i nap,,,when i wake up feel extrememly drained,and have to re-hydrate and take some vitamins to get my strength back,any help that anyone can provide would be greatly apprecaited.........chris

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    Chris - Some sweating can occur post-SCI due to a disruption in thermal control, however, the sweating you describe sounds as if you need to have a medical evaluation as soon as possible. This increase in sweating could be from a variety of reasons including infection, spasticity, or the development of a syrinyx to name a few. Please give your MD a call. PLG

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    Have a doctor look at you.

    As aC6 quadriplegic I have gone through the sweating situation as well. I have found that it is usually the bladder or bowel related.

    Knock on wood it has been a couple of months since my last sweating incident. To take a bladder spasticity medicine? Taking Ditropan every day has helped me.

    The problem with all of the sweating is that it does dehydrate you and puts you a cycle of never getting better. I was sweating so much that I had to be hospitalized for dehydration.

    We go to the doctor having check your blood work to see if your potassium levels are okay.

    Good luck!

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    About my sweating it's nothing new,its been happening every since i was first injured in 1986,and i have been to my primary doctor and an uroligist,ive had ivp's and and a few other tests to see if my kidneys are working properly and the results were good doc said they were functioning as they should,ive also had a blood work up and doc said all looked good potasium levels were good,I keep my blood pressure checked regulary and it stay's between 119 over 78,,,to 128 over 86,so im good there,when i do sweat its only my upper torso that i sweat at,not below my injury its a mystery to me,ive also had a mri done and the results looked good to my doc no syrnix,so i guess all i can do is keep hydrated and take them vitamins until i figure out what is causing it,,,ohhh yeah just remembered the times that i sweat most often is the day before my b/p,i do it every other day.should i try doing it every day to see if this helps to reduce the sweats? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND CONCERN........CHRIS

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    What you are describing has a name: sleep hyperhidrosis ( Sweating during sleep is a common phenomenon. The cause is unknown. I believe that it results from the change in sympathetic and parasympathetic activity in your body when you sleep. When it occurs at night, it is sometimes called nocturnal hyperhidrosis or night sweats.


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    First off, thanks Chris, for the clarification. When you first mentioned your problem with sweating it sounded as if this was a new pattern of soaking the sheets. If this is nothing new and your MD has been on top of other issues that is great. Second, thanks Wise, for that site on sweating with sleep hyperhidrosis! Wow! PLG

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    Thanks Wise the sci nurse had skeered!!!!!joking,I apologize for my lack of information sci nurse,was only joking about being skeered

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    No problemo Chris!!! I neglected to see the line in the middle of your thread "it's been happening on and off for 17 years" ! But, from your question we got some valuable information to share with others. So the outcome was great. PLG

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