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Thread: European drug that works???

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    European drug that works???

    I heard (someplace) someplace in Europe there was an experimental drug for MS that works wonders but is not FDA approved. The story I heard is a woman went in for treatment in a wheelchair walked out of the hospital and has had NO MS symptoms since. has anyone heard of this?

    I am ready to book my flight today...thanks


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    RevDave. Here are some European articles with respect to this MS treatement I think you referre to; In this link, be aware that the company Advanced Cell Therapeutics is under investication for fraud.

    And here is the woman you refere to maybe, I'm not sure which company this is but if it is Advanced Cell Therapeutics forget about it;

    More from Advanced Cell Therapeutics which is a scam;

    And more;

    Sorry for this, but it looks like all this was a scam. Please read here;

    Guess I was not too much of help here but there are real research studies for treating MS going on. Just do a search here on this board.
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