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Thread: No Stain, No Gain!

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    Thanks everyone. Good idea Capn!

    Thanks to MuscleBeachs' video, I've learned floor to chair transfer. At first I had no low back muscle which, I think, is necccessary to lift the hips up. With stuff filling in it's now possible. I don't want to sound like my torso is like AB, it's not, yet anyway, but to feel and see the quad gut tighten is sooo encouraging! You have to understand something about me. I have an identical twin in town that I'm very close with. To not be identical in the last few years has been hard. His wife likes to tease me about my gut!


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    Pat, you said it started out as spastisity then went to some functionality,
    was there any pain or burning preceeding the spasms?
    I know were all diff...and like you, i've gotten return in trunk muscle's and sensory...but everywhere I get return, it starts out with intense, hellzfire burning! anywhere from 2 days to 2 months prior. Mr_Coffee...what about you?

    BTW, I like the t-shirt idea.

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    Fantastic news. Are you doing anything in particular to improve bowels and bladder?


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    Hi Digger,

    You know I did get some burning from toes to nipples after work the other day and pertnear (just about) brought me to tears. Later,that night I went to the pool to move and excercise and definitely felt better. So, I'd have to say I go through usually a couple days of intense spastic tone in areas that, just when you wonder if it's a UTI or broken pump, etc., I feel really comfy and notice new feelings or voluntary movements or both. I recall this happenning in my back, lower chest, butt, hips, however, most often somewhere in the torso.

    Then, after return, comes the exhaustion and lactic acid burning that accompanies spent muscles. So, it's funny that my uncomfortable days include lactic acid burning from relentless spactic tone and from spent voluntary muscles that just started working and burning nerves that do seem to point to where the next round of return will show up. What a schedule.

    But, it's hard to bellyache at progress. And my progress has continued and actually has accellerated as I turn my baclofen pump down and keep up a busy schedule of excercising. I have been getting stronger too.

    Mom, I have been noticing new sensations in the area of B&b. It seems as if the tighter belly muscles make for less time between caths. Bowels have new sensations, but I haven't really figured out yet if anything's working better. I sure like the sounds of what Mr. Coffee has been doing where he's cut his time down by not using a camode seat, but just sitting on the toilet seat. My spacticity makes that a little hard, but a couple times this has worked. I'll keep at it.


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    THANKS Capn -Hope to meet some day.
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
    Sponsored Athlete

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