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Thread: No Stain, No Gain!

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    No Stain, No Gain!

    After a couple days of torso spasticity, I'm enjoying return of stomach, back and sides allowing me to sit up and move like never before! I'm 3yrs4mo post, C6-7, Inc. This has also included new sensations in bowel and bladder. I've had accidents due to, I think, the ability to relax sphincters and that has been pretty shitty, pun intended. I guess I now have to re-learn feelings and function?!

    So, a guy at work asks me how I'm doing. I say good news and bad. The good news is return, the bad news, loss of control due to non-use. I tell him I've been up all night cleaning my pants.

    He optimistically says, "No Stain, No Gain!"

    Damn, I wish I thought of that!


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    Great news Pat.I think that is happening myself.Since I've been riding and pushing myself around the house.My spasm's are bad.Sometimes in bed it looks like I'm doing crunches.I feel weird with what is going on.Hope it get better for the both of us.Glad to see you are making progress.
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    Thats awesome pat, your hard work is definatley paying off! keep it up man!
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    Pat, kudos and props for your hard work, continued return and improvement!

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    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!! "NO TICKY, NO LAUNDRY"......and you'l be doing plenty of laundry! Lex

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    Congrats, Pat.

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    Half a dozen puns come to mind, each of them containing the word shit. I"ve read enough of your posts to have an idea of how hard you work, so we"ll skip the jokes.

    I respect your effort and celebrate your recent results.

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patd's co-worker
    "No Stain, No Gain!"
    Damn, that is one of the funniest doo doo jokes I've heard yet. Thanks for the laugh Patd.

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    Kick Ass! Keeping the hope alive!
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    Congrats to both of ya Pat and Van!
    Sounds like a GOOD t-shirt to me.

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