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Thread: Getting my gym to buy a vitaglide.

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    Getting my gym to buy a vitaglide.

    O.k., I probably should have tried to get them to buy one before I joined...but, this is a brand new gym and they are advertising state of the art equipment etc, with the able bodies population in mind of course. So, I'm thinking they should be glad to oblige. What I was wondering was if those of you who have used the Vitaglide could post comments on what maybe makes it better than a hand bike.

    I have not tried the Vitaglide personally, but what I do know about the hand bike is that my shoulder starts to bother me before I've gained much benefit from it. From what I've read, the vitaglide works more muscles and is an overall better cardiovascular workout.

    I know if this gym will buy the Vitaglide, it will not only benefit me. I don't know any other para's or quads where I live...but I know it would benefit anyone with limited to no leg use...not to mention this particular gym is part of a rehab facility too.

    Anyway, any positive feedback would be appreciated.



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    Not familiar with the product, but Iif you were to contact the sales people at vitaglide, I'm sure they'd be happy to send you testimonials and other marketing collateral to help you make your case. In fact, they'd problem thank you for the sales lead.

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    What do they cost?

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    I use a vitaglide @ my gym, its great. Another selling point for the vitaglide, is that it is also a great machine for people who are recovering from strokes, and have limited hand/arm function.
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    For a gym they would proably want to get the Vitaglide Pro for sturdiness. It also has a seat attachment for non-wheelchair users, so it would be useable by more of their members. The Pro is about $2000 the stardard is about $1000.

    Apparently (judging by the picture) it is good for picking up women at the gym.
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