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Thread: shoulder pain

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    shoulder pain

    i had pains in my right shoulder before injury. now its gettin worse an worse from all the transferring, pushing, lifting, pullin on these legs that have it in their mind that they're goin the other way no matter what i want. in the last few months it's turned into a constant ache. it feels like theres a muscle or tendon all the way around the front of my shoulder that really hurts to be rubbed.

    what kind of dr. would i see about this? i hate to even go because i really would have a hard time convincing myself to have shoulder surgery. and if then would it ever be back to nearly normal having to use my shoulders for everything? i'm right handed an if thats gone i'll be nearly helpless.

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    I have the same problem in my left one.I also tore it before my SCI.My wife massages with it a vibrator.It helps a little.I seen every Dr. and couldn't find anything.Hope you get it taken care of it.
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    I have a right shoulder that bares the brunt of most of my transfers ... my chiropractor massages it and gives me exercises for it. Glucosamine Chondroiton, thera-bands, hot/cold packs.

    To save my shoulder, I went back to a sliding board transfer to get out of the car instead of lifting myself anymore ... after 20yrs of lifting myself. It has helped.

    You're right. Surgery would lay you up for a long time ... hope it isn't that serious!

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    I have right shoulder pain right now. Also had the left shoulder in the same condition about a year ago. It may be the rotator cuff and wheeling will certainly cause that.
    I have had tendon problems before my SCI and was a lot younger (enough to not pay attention to it). We on the other hand can't afford not to pay attention.
    I have found that taking "Glucosamine Sulfate" (make sure you are not allergic to shellfish/crabs) or "Glucosamine and Chondroitin". It is not a quick fix -- about two weeks before you start feeling the effect. Twice a day 1000mg for 30 days.

    If you have access to TENS machine, you may get some immediate relief.
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    There is a lot you can do without surgery. My OT gave me a lot of exercises to do that help a lot when I bother to do them.
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