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Thread: Faboo Vegan Food Find

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    I like the Boca burgers, but I'd stay away from their spicy chicken patty. The GimmeLean sausage is pretty good too. I'm going to have to try some of stuff mentioned in this thread. I wish I could be Vegan, but I have a difficult time finding tasty recipes strictly vegan. It's already difficult finding yummy meals as a vegetarian. If anybody has some good recipes, send them my way please

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    Quorn makes excellent fake meats.

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    Question M. Farms Classic Grillers have more protein than the ...

    ...other vegie burgers.

    I just had my first MorningStar Farms Classic Grillers vegie burger and it's right up there in taste (almost) with the Gardenburger Portabella. It's also got well over three times the vegie protein that the GB's have at; 17grams/5grams. In a quest to ingest about 45 grams of protein a day, this edge by the MS Farms units is quite a find. That they taste as good as they do and have the closest texture to meat that I've found so far recommends them strongly for a regular part of my diet.
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    They also make a good "chicken" patty and "sausage" patties (breakfast). The texture isn't quite that of meat, but they're darn good!
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