I remember reading a post a while back about someone using a vinegar solution to irrigate the bladder and how that wasn't a good. Well today I met with my urologist and he prescribed the same thing to help reduce sediment. The urologist, a nurse, and another doctor were all in agreement of that being a good thing to try. He said to add 2 tbsp. of plain white vinegar per 1 liter of purified water. He gave me water and a syringe and said to agitate the bladder by inserting the water, let some back into the syringe, push it back through, then drain. I don't know what to think. I tried it in the water comes out somewhat cloudy but I don't really see any sediment. I suppose if it is cloudy maybe the sediment is getting stirred around, broken up, and expeled through the catheter. I put in around 60-70 cc of solution and irrigate twice like that before I start getting dysreflexic. I checked my blood pressure when I start feeling bad and it's like 150/110. After that I stop because I can't really take it very well.

Does any of this sound right to anyone?