View Poll Results: Due to your physical condition have you been advice to see a psycoanalyst?

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Thread: Due to your physical condition have you been adviced to see a psycoanalyst?

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    My best friend was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago. She was told multiple times before that she was faking it and it was all in her head.

    She recently got her disability claim approved but only after 3 years and a 3 hour visit with a psychoanalyst. She jokes with me that now not only does she have MS, she is also crazy.....LOL

    I felt so bad for her in the past year going through all this and having doctors treat like she was just a mental case that wanted to be sick.

    She is now seeing a wonderful group who specialized in MS in Atlanta. Her health and outlook has improved so much with the right meds and treatment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton
    Feeling tons better since Maggie became a part of our lives. Still miss my Reggie but Maggie is a trip and so diffferent. Drives us crazy. I love her.

    I wish you were on this coast Lindox. Let me do a little searching and if I can't find what I'm looking for I'll call Dr Halsted on Monday and see if he can recommend someone with PPS experience out there. Are you in northern, southern or central CA? Feel free to PM me if you want. Laro Halsted was my team leader while I was in rehab the first time. He has PPS and now mainly does research at NRH in Washington. He had started using a scooter to get around the halls while I was there the first time. Didn't stop him from doing everything he wanted that I could see. Just saved his energy for what he considered important--his family and patients. He contracted polio while wandering through Spain and finished medical school after the worst was over. I'm sure you've seen his books on how to deal with PPS. And some docs will suggest a chair or scooter to save your shoulders. Do ask them why before you jump. A scooter is a much better shoulder saver though so why docs are suggesting chairs I don't get. And scooters, 4 wheel kind, are easy to manuveur, safe, cheaper than most manual fitted chairs and can be easily left as Dr Halsted always did to walk into a patient's room or in your case to go in a mall store area, dog arena or around the house.

    I hate to say that until I met Wise and a few others of his ilk (damn few like him) I'd have had to generalize that neurosurgeons do not have personalities and neurologists are geeks without computer skills. None of this applies to any of my extended family! :-) A neurologist might be good to arrange an EMG if you are having any pain to see if it is nerve or ortho generated or overlaps. Obviously I'll try and find a new one for you if needed. But if an ortho is all that you've ever needed than see if your state medical board has a list of docs with PPS experience. A teaching hospital SHOULD be teaching PPS until there is no one left on Earth who has had wild or immunization caused polio. I think the best hospitals issue of US News and World Reports is still on news stands. I'd buy one. That applies to everyone.

    And stay a healthy, crazy old broad. I'd hate to be alone.
    A good ortho has no problem doing EMG's and they do understand the muscular system.
    I expect them to be the first to utilize stem cells in rejuvenating worn out joints.

    A scooter would be very nice..but that is the problem.
    Too nice. Too easy. And thus we end up using them as many have to our own detriment.

    Sitting too much with so much metal and bones feeling like they are going to pop out of your skin is not what I am going to do.

    Walking on crutches is my only alternative and it also keeps your tits from getting saggy.

    After so many decades of crutch use..what do you think will happen to the good musculature that also developes right along with the tired out joints if you don't use them at least 3/4 of the time you are used to using them? We are talking very good musculature in the unaffected muscles. And swimming keeps them toned..but they will atrophy..and lifting weights etc. is not any better on the joints. This is WHAT the neurologist doesn't understand. My ortho understood quite well..and even Halstead may not understand. He went from no aids to a scooter. He didn't have the same musculature.
    And he didn't have 15 reconstructive type surgeries.

    THUS a good ortho. Because I still CAN walk on crutches..but will still fall once in awhile more due to liter and not being 100% focused on the crap laying on the ground.

    Thanks for all your advice though.
    As with every condition no two people are the same.
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    I get ya. Halsted did use foot orthotics before the scooter. I don't know if he ever used anything else.

    I do see your point on keeping the muscles you do have. As long as your shoulders aren't screaming than I agree a good ortho is probably all you need. Did you try the CA medical association? I'll go back through my sources tomorrow for an ortho only. I guess the older or youngest would be best, eh?

    And does my butt understand the thought of going from standing to sitting before absolutely necessary. That is one place I wish I didn't have feeling. Pointy, wirey joints indeed!
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