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Thread: The Best Abdominal Binder

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    The Best Abdominal Binder

    I'm looking for the ultimate abdominal binder out needs to be steardy and strong not soft and or flimsy. Please if anyone knows of any good binders let me know and give me some of your 2 cents on the binders out there. Thanks everyone!

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    I cant remember it's exact name, but the one they advertise on TV isnt a good one. Sure, it's invisible, but it rolls up. I saw it at Bed Bath and Beyond on a "as seen on tv" rack and thought I'd try it for $10. I've only worn it once and kept trying to pull it back down most of the time. It crawls up your stomach rolling up, so I think it's only made if for those people who stand up all day .

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    my brother had a special binder in rehab that was ordered by the doctor, it was heavy duty and had flexible steel bands incorporated. i think you would need a prescription for that kind. i presently get his binders at a medical supply store for under $30.00 and have never had it "roll" or shift much, but he is c 5-6 and doesn't move trunk much. i'm sorry, but the label is long gone. it closes with velcro and washes well, the secret is never put it in the dryer!

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    Check this site for binders. Click to find sales rep in your region. They won't sell directly to you as consumer but will sell thru your doc or therapist. Talk to rep for more info and what institution/vendor they may work with.

    Stays help prevent rolling up of binders. Make suire to get good measurement, not getting it too high where binder may inhibit your ribcage and therefore restrict breathing.

    first link is main page/products page. you can link to donjoy and procare from there but I provided direct links to both below.




    Hope this helps!

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    FLA Orthopedics has the best supports and braces that I have found, and most are at reasonable prices. Check the lumbar braces.

    Here is the Web site:

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    could anyone suggest a good binder that a quad could put on him/herself?

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