About one month ago I got a little piece of rice stuck on my throat, and felt like I was gonna die. The throat just locks up around this little piece of rice as if it wants to choke it, but instead it choked the hell out of me. I was able to breathe a tiny breath of air and after a horrible scare and what seemed like hours I was finally able to breathe enough to cough. No air, no cough, not able to scream Heimlick (sp.), nothing.

Today, it happened to me again. I was scared crapless with food stuck in my throat without being able to breathe. This time it seemed to go on longer. My eyes were blood red from the breathing and coughing effort.

This never happened to me before my accident.

Now, one of my theories is the cotton mouth effect of detrol or ditropan (I was taking detrol a month ago and now I am taking ditropan). Could that be it?

Is it from sitting down all the time and poor posture?

Has this happened to anyone else? Any theories??