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Thread: Abdominal binder: SCI nurse?

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    Abdominal binder: SCI nurse?

    A question about abdominal binders -

    My wife has not been vertical for nearly a year (lot of frustration here; lack of knowledge by PT, etc.). Rather than just buy a standing frame, which would allow her to be vertical for at most once a day, we are investigating buying a standing chair to allow her to be vertical several times a day (when I'm not necessarily at home), starting with very short intervals. When she's built up the stamina, then she should also be able to take a much more active part at home, in the kitchen, etc., and also I expect that standing would be a big boost to her self-esteem.

    So we intend to demo a standing chair. However, I don't want her to experience orthostatic hypotension and conk out during a demo or afterwards! Therefore, I think a pair of thigh-high TEDs and an abdominal binder would be indicated (her physiatrist agreed, after I brought up the matter). So my question is - there seem to be any number of different abdominal binders on the market. Do you have suggestions as to what would be the appropriate type? Any other suggestions?

    - Richard

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    She needs to ttake the change very slowly increasing it a little each day.
    Here are some websites. Abdominal binder and support hose will help.

    Abdominal binder that is latex free:

    This one is also fine:


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    Thanks, CWO!
    - Richard

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