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Thread: Hemorrhoids

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    I am a C1/C2 quad with terrible hemorrhoids. A couple of people have suggested surgery, but I am reluctant because I have heard you can not sit in your wheelchair for a while. Also, I have heard that surgery can cause problems with dysreflexia and having bowel movements. My bowel program consists of a magic bullet suppository along with minimal digital simulation. I have heard that after surgery you cannot do a bowel program for six weeks, while the surgery heels.

    I know someone that is not paralyzed who had the procedure done with a laser and then they cotterized them. Has anyone heard of a laser procedure for removal and if so where are they doing this procedure?

    Can anyone give me advice that may have had surgery or knows about this topic?

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    and if you do a Search you will get a lot of hits.

    The ones I quoted are from personal experience.
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