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Thread: Belly aches in the morning?

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    Belly aches in the morning?

    My thoracic injury (T4) continues to tease me. As of late, my stomach has been growling like crazy in the morning and I have been feeling the remnants of an old-fashioned belly ache. It's not painful or anything, it's just that I haven't felt one of those in months. The first time I felt it last week I thought I was imagining it, but that was not the case. Had one a couple of days ago and this morning again. It didn't dawn on me until this morning that my stomach growling is picking up because I can hear it again. Amazing the things one takes for granted.

    I guess I am curious to know if belly aches are a sign of continuing return.

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    BREAKtheFAST, that is what it's all about. EAT in the morning and you will not hear said growling. You wouldn't drive your car on an empty tank of gas either.

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    Thanks for the advice, but the point was missed. My stomach hasn't growled since my accident--with or without eating and I haven't felt any pain in the stomach area below injury level likewise--until recently.

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