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    Arachnoid help please. Would like to understand inflammation of the spinal cord. Tethered ...

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    David, I'm not sure what you're asking. Here's a link for a site that gives definitions for back and spinal cord conditions:

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    More specifically, a condition - Arachnoiditis,

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    DAvid65, I'm going to have to double check some of this at work tomorrow but for now:

    The brain and spinal cord are contained in a "bag" with three layers: the dura mater (not matter), the pia mater and the arachnoid space. Dura mater (meaning tough mother in Latin) in the thick fibrous outer layer. The pia mater is a soft tissue paper like inner layer. Between them is the arachnoid space named because is "spider webby" with little fibers connedting the dura and pia mater together. Now arachnoiditis is an inflammation/infection of the arachnoid layer and usually results in scarring and tethering of the cord.

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    david, arachnoiditis is sometimes called meningitis. One can get this from bacterial or viral infections. The arachnoid or meninges absorb cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). If they are damaged, there may be CSF accumulation in the brain and spinal cord. In the brain, the condition is called hydrocephaly (water-brain) and the treatment is ventricular shunting. It is relatively common in children. The treatment is antibiotics or antivirals, and steroids, to treat the infecction and the inflammation respectively. Hopefully, the arachnoid will recover. If it does not, shunting may be necessary. Wise.

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    Thank You - I wasn't sure. I am still wondering about what it means to shunt the arachnoiditis? Would OEG cells help in any way.

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