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Thread: Can an underdevloped hamstring cause knee injury/pain?

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    Can an underdevloped hamstring cause knee injury/pain?

    Hello everyone. My right knee that sent me back months is starting to hurt again after walking on it for about 2 months without a brace. Now i'm wearing a small woven brace that seems to keep it from hurting.

    Today while i was in the pool i noticed slight pain in it while using a 2 lb weight. So i took it off and it didn't seem to bother me as much. But now if i do a knee extension without any weight my knee pops. It also did this when i hurt it awhile ago. My knee doctor tells me there is nothing wrong with my knee. He took MRI's and they said nothing is wrong with my knee. I must have just sprained it. The pain i'm getting is mainly in my vastus medialis shown below.

    This is also the exact same spot i "sprained" before. My vaslus medias muscle is very well devloped and so is my whole quad muscle. The only thing i can think of that is under devloped is my hamstring. Could my hamstring be causing all my knee problems? I know the hamstring connects to the knee as well. I can only leg curel about 5-7lbs with my hamstring at the moment on my right side. I'm trying to find a new knee doctor down at state college so maybe he can have a 2nd opionoin about my knee or tendons around it. It might be awhile beofre i can an appointment with the knee guy down in state college though.
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    I don't know about underdevopled but, i do know about a pulled one.While streaching my leg on top bar of squat rack i slipped and tore my hamstring.I don't think it evered heal having to preform hurt.It did effect my knee which hurt all the time.Hope it get better.
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    mr. coffee,
    Sorry to hear about your knee. Bruce has some info re the effect the hamstrings have on hyperextending the leg. Hope your knee gets better.

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    Mr Coffee

    An underdeveloped hamstring can easily lead to hyperextension in the knee. The hamstring acts to decelerate the knee joint as it goes into extension. The more discrepancy there is in strength the greater the possiblity of injury. The ideal ratio of quadriceps to hamstring strength is 3/2, so if your quads can lift 12 lbs your hamstrings should be able to lift 8 lbs. This is IDEAL, so don't get too worried if you are not exactly there.

    Your area of pain doesn't lead me to assume a hyperextension injury, however if you don't have full sensation in that area of your leg, your brain could be confusing the area of pain.

    Does the pain increase when your knee is bent or straight?

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