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Thread: Long term catheterisation

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    A goo ddiet should hve all the vitamins you need however, I recommend that everyone take a multivitamin with essential minerals once a day. Our diet is especially lacking in B vitamins and with cnned foods and frozen I do wonder about the removal of these.
    Try more fruits instead of pastry. Low sugar ice cream or low carb ice cream if you eat ice cream with this hot summer and there are numerous sugar free or no sugar desserts out there if you feel the sweet tooth. I think they taste better.

    When you cut down on the sugar and processed carbs you will feel alot better. Especially if you replace it with protein.
    Cut down on the animal meats- try leaner cuts, more chicken & fish.
    We can't all be vegetarians.
    Look at labels. See how many bad carbs & sugar have been placed in everything and made us become addicted to it!!!! You might even feel like you are going in to withdrawal! No caffeine products either.
    And no one needs all that salt they put in food either.


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    Capngimp, CWO

    Thanks for all the advice, I've got to change my diet. I'm going to follow up with some research and try eating differently. Thanks again!

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    taking vitamin C seems to nearly elliminate UTIs for some people.

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    I still don't understand why people who use a Foley catheter aren't supposed to clamp it off until they have the "normal" 400-500ccs of urine in them and then open the clamp and drain it. This would retain the normal cycle of urination, just like those of us who intermittently cath, thus retaining the normal size of the bladder. As has been mentioned, when the bladder shrinks down to such a small size, the balloon in there is touching and irritating all the sides of the whole bladder (since it's now the size of a freakin' walnut) and spasms are the likely result.

    As for diet and UTIs I guess the healthier it is the better off you'll be. But it's not going to prevent a bacterial colonization or UTI. And as far as sugar is concerned, I look at it as the "roach approach". Even the cleanest of houses can be infested with a huge roach population since they can eat and survive on almost anything. If they're allowed to create a breeding colony in your house, then you have a problem. My house is a mess and there's enough grease on my stove and food crumbs on my kitchen floor to feed an army of roaches but I don't have a single roach in my house. I even leave the dog's food bag unsealed.... and there's not a single roach in there. I can flick on my kitchen light anytime during the night time and not a single roach... so if I had them I would definitely know it. The theory or moral of this story is not allowing the roaches to create a breeding population in your house or in particular, bacteria to get into your bladder to begin with so that it/they can start a colonization or UTI. There's plenty of sugar in everyone's diet (even CapnGimp's) to keep a bacterial colonization or UTI fully fed. Without sugar your brain couldn't function and you'd die!

    I have no special diet other than I eat a lot of sugar. And whatever is easy to make (lunchmeat sandwiches etc.) and the frozen processed foods that I have in the freezer. I do eat fresh fruit most everyday but that's just because I enjoy it. And I drink zero water during the day.... which I should. I use sugar in my 6 cups of coffee a day along with the sugar in iced tea and fruit juices that I consume on a daily basis. And that's all I drink and I've been colonization and UTI free since I started my new catheterization technique last October... almost a year now and my urine is still crystal clear and normal smelling. And my "guys" are hanging normally, not shrunk up due to a bladder colonization and/or a UTI.

    You need to keep the bacteria out of your urethra and bladder and that's the whole story in a (walnut) nutshell. Drinking copious amounts of water only waters down the infection that's already brewing in your bladder. I drink when I'm thirsty and that certainly doesn't include forcing down gallons of water each day.

    I don't recommend my catheterization technique but if you can keep (all) the bacteria out of your urethra and bladder, diet has little to nothing to do with it. And the healthcare system knows this, they're just baffled as to how to keep the bacteria from entering the urethra, then bladder, and colonizing us and perhaps/probably giving us a full blown UTI. So they just treat the symptoms with ideas like drinking swimming pools worth of water to water down and perhaps flush out "some" of the bacteria or when you get a full blown UTI, prescribe expensive and organ damaging antibiotics.

    Now excuse me while I cath out 1000ccs of clear and normal smelling urine from my bladder. I just woke up and had my first cup of coffee and should have cathed before drinking on it. Keeping your feet raised on pillows during the night drains the edema water straight into the bladder!

    I do take a multivitamin each day along with a Super B Complex vitamin, an extra zinc vitamin because I'm healing a pressure on my foot and I take an extra 500-1000ccs of Vitamin C.
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    Bob, I eat like you do, and drink coffee/alcohol, and smoke some wacky once in a while. I don't get infections, and I think it can only be because I am super careful each and every time I cath myself...I've been doing it for 20 years now, and it's so routine I can do it in my sleep. I actually have cathed in my sleep

    I think everybody has to find their own unique cathing routine, whatever it takes to prevent allowing bacteria to enter into any part of the urinary tract. To accomplish this, we each have to trial and error it until we're able to not get infections. Everybody will have their own special method, and they'll all be different.

    What works for one may not work for another, but there IS a method that'll work for each of us...finding it is the task at hand, and one of the most important things a person with sci can do.
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    I just had my foley put in 5 weeks ago and my doctor says I can make love with it in but eveytime I do it burns and is a little sore even though I make sure I wash the area very well before and after.. is there anything im doing wrong? I also wanted to know is it ok to take baths with one in? half the times I want to take a bath because im really sore but im not sure if I can and everytime I go to my doctor i keep forgetting to ask if I can or not

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    Are you sur eit is related to the catheter. Sounds like a friction probelm causng the soreness, maybe more lubrication would help. Several are sold over the counter.


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    always used lubrcation and was sore for awhile but it seems to be gone also my urine was abit red but after that its fine.. I called my doctor thinking I had a uti but all the syomtoms are gone.. Im taking urelle for the spasms and pryelle but somedays doesnt seem to give any releif

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