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    Hacking Attempts from

    my firewall pops out a warning that I have had 13 attempts at ports and other weird shit. This is the first time in 3 yrs or so this has happend. Trace routes and source IP are all from rutgers! Somebody up there need to see this stuff?
    maybe unruffle my feathers.
    No damage done I guess, since they were all blocked...I hope!

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    I just checked my firewall and some attempts were blocked by mine also. Interesting...........
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    I get a lot of traffic off but it is just normal traffic from on IRC port scans are common to make sure no one is connecting with a trojan or virus infected computer that might try to spread itself around via IRC. I don't know that rutgers does similar but I have a hard time believing any one is being hacked via

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    Thanks Teyrn.
    I looked up some of the jargon used and felt better about it. Some were port probes (tcp) others were legit programs. LOL, I guess the firewall likes to word things strongly to make you think your gettin your money's worth.

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    Random connection attempts are extremely common on the Internet. Many surveys have stated that if you put an unpatched Windows computer on the Internet it will be hacked in 20 minutes.

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    My firewall pops with some strange shtuff.

    The weirdest for me is a daily attempt at connecting/hacking via DoD (Depart of Defense) in Ohio. You can't tell me if the DoD wanted to hack into my PC they couldn't!

    Just find it odd.

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    Most my attempts are faked IP's. It's fairly easy to forge yor ip's if you got the right stuff.

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